Posted by: Dev Krishnan | April 9, 2010

The Show Will go On

Separation (temporary or permanent) – I think this is the hardest pain life can ever give you. As a child, I used to hear that life is some sort of a sentence, which you have to endure. I was too young to understand the depth of such a thought then. Now when I look back, I am convinced – life indeed is a sentence, you have to go through all the maladies, and all the emotional roller-coasters (and of course all the temporary joys) that life throws at you. Experiences have taught me that all things in this world are indeed ephemeral. And I have learned over and over that you appreciate something more only when that is not there anymore.

Now the reason for this crappy post is my good friend, who after a short stint in the same city as I live in, has decided to go his own way, and has left the place for good. I enjoyed the short stint, which had come as sort of a re-union. We had loads of fun together – late night movies; late night long drives (drive to Bheemeswari is unforgettable!) – enjoyed bachelor life. Feel miserable when I realize that the best things in life are all momentary. But that’s the law of the universe; life just goes on, no matter what! And you can either mourn the losses and be left behind, or move along and enjoy all the other best things that might intersect your path.

Posted by: Dev Krishnan | November 22, 2009

Things to do…

A popular web site is running a contest – 10 things to do before you die, based on the 2012 Phenomenon on the so called end of the world. Here is my list of the things that I wish to do, the world may end or not (the list is not exhaustive, these are the ones that spontaneously flashed in my mind):

1. Immediately ban reality shows featuring children below 18 years; kids are
made to go through things that they cannot take at their age! (The major inspiration for this post is one such TV show)
2. Implement strict IB laws that would ban news channels from showing ‘breaking
news’ of ANY kind!
3. Loot everyone who has wealth that they have acquired illegally and distribute
to the needy.
4. Ensure that justice is done to all the pending murder and terrorism realted
cases which are pending in courts across the country (which otherwise would
never be solved) at the earliest.
5. Call up all the people I love and care for and let them know that they mean a
lot to me! Spend a day/ eat a meal with each one of them if possible.
6. Take up a crash course on photography and become a pro!
7. Travel to all the continents and the places in my (yet to be prepared) 100-
places-to-visit-before-I-die list with my wifey (to-be) 🙂
8. Try to find out all the things that my parents’ wish they had/did in their life
and help them get/do them.
9. Fly to Jo Berg, SA to watch the final of 2010 FIFA World Cup.
10. Make a list of all the great people whom I wish to meet and try to meet all
of them.

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