Posted by: Dev Krishnan | August 28, 2017

Stress busted – Insights from my 3 year old

It’s been quite some time since I consciously tried to get involved in anything creative. I was just lazy! Life has become too mundane now and am trying to spend some time away from the buzz. I have been thinking about getting back to reading and blogging, which I had kept off for a long long time.

Today, I get a call from my better half while I was hurriedly typing away my frustration at work on my keyboard. I pick up to answer and I hear the voice of my three-year-old on the other end. She said, “Hello… enikk Achane bhayangara ishta!” (I love you so much papa!) and then went silent. Wow!

It was only in the morning that I had yelled at her for not eating her breakfast and spilling it all over the drawing room. Her act had pissed me off. After the incident, I had pretended to be ‘not very happy’ with her and she had tried multiple times to create some situations to make me smile, which I resisted with great difficulty 😉

It was her classmate’s birthday today and since her mom felt a little under the weather and since she was reluctant to go alone, they decided to give the birthday party a miss. And the poor thing was bored sitting at home, with no one to play with. She might have done a recap of the morning’s events, and told her mom the same thing that she told me over the phone. Since I am the one who pamper her more, she thought it’s better to ‘proclaim’ what she felt deep inside, so that her Achan gets the ‘clarity’ he much needs.

As they say, children are our greatest teachers! How often do we care to pause, to draw much deeper meanings from small snippets like this? And realize, that no matter what, few things in life ARE indeed priceless.

Before hanging up the conversation, I did not forget to assure her that I loved her so much too.



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