Posted by: Dev Krishnan | June 28, 2009


It was a Thursday night in Bangalore city railway station. It was drizzling and the place was buzzing with people hurrying to make it to their coach on time. I was also moving towards mine with my parents for a short trip to Kerala. Suddenly we hear a loud thud; we turn around to see a porter, probably around 65, on the identityground with luggage in his hands. The poor man looked very weak; maybe he had not had any meal that day. His amused customers were also there, cursing him for the time they were losing because of his slip. In a jiffy they collected their luggage and rushed to find their train, without even paying the poor old man who was struggling to get back on his feet.

This might not be an isolated incident; there might be many more helpless souls in different parts of the country living through similar helpless situations every day. I say country because the media last week were abuzz with the government appointment of a council which is expected to implement the much awaited Multi-Purpose National ID card Project, which would provide every citizen of the country with an ID card – I wonder what a smart card would mean or how it will fill the millions of empty stomachs across the country.


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